Usui / Holy Fire lll Reiki Ryoho

What does “Reiki” mean?
Pronounced “Ray-key”
The word “Reiki” is composed
of two Japanese words:
“Rei” = “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power”
“Ki” =”Life Force Energy”

All of the services I provide may be done remotely.  For some the effects may even feel stronger with distance work.

Reiki Session Distance:

You do not have to be in the same room with me – or even the same country – to experience the power of an energy healing session. My remote clients span the globe including North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Remote sessions can be scheduled or unscheduled.  The unscheduled session does not have a set time or day. So, you do not have to stop your day to receive. I will stop my day to send the healing energy to you. You will receive a text or email when I finish. This also works well when you want to send some energy healing to someone you know.

Here’s how a scheduled remote energy healing session works if you choose to set aside a specific time:

  • Schedule your energy healing session. 
  • Set your intention.
  • Best to put me on speaker phone, or use ear buds so your hands are free to relax. We can also use Zoom…if you would like.
  • You can be sitting up or lying down.
  • Arrange to be in a quiet, relaxed space, free from distractions. You may choose to have peaceful, relaxing instrumental music playing in the background or sounds of nature. Be someplace that you can be alone and undisturbed. (Some people go out in their car on their lunch break.)
  • Lie down on your back, closing your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • You may want to have a blanket nearby, as some people may experience a cooling sensation during the session.
  • Please…take a few deep, cleansing breaths…inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 3 seconds, and then exhaling for 6 seconds.
  • Please be mentally receptive and open without certain expectations in order to receive the maximum from the session. Allowing the unwinding of energies, thought patterns, emotions, etc. to occur naturally.
  • I invite you to clear your schedule for the first hour after your session to allow the energies to integrate a bit before resuming your day to day work, errands, and so on.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water, perhaps take an epsom salt bath the evening after your session to support the energetic shifts.


  • I will call you at your scheduled time.
  • Before the session starts, I might be guided to change the energy or put protection in the area where your session is taking place.

You will then hear me tell you what is being released from your body.  It could be trapped emotions and/or energy blockages.  These can be from your present life or past lives. I have also been instructed to go back to past lives to bring something forward that you need in this life. Bottom line: I simply listen to what my spirit guides are telling me needs to be done in your session.

If we still have time and everything is released that your body can release for the session, we will hang up. You will sit or lie quietly with eyes closed.  I will continue to send energy healing to you.  I then call you back to let you know what I did and to hear about your experience.

How to Get the Most out of Your SessionI have found there are 3 things one can do to get the most out of their session:

  1. Set an intention. This is the reason you’re coming for a session. Then ask that your thoughts and emotions line up with that intention because if we keep looking at things the same way, we get the same results. 
  2. Go to a relaxed place in your mind. I like to go lie in thick grass near a waterfall (there are no bugs here!). I’m lying down, and can feel the warmth of the sun on my face while I swish my hand in the water. I feel very relaxed and peaceful here. You pick whatever brings you to a peaceful place.
  3. Come from a state of gratitude. Appreciate the healing energy entering your body. Thank your higher source. I happen to call my higher source, God. It can be the universe, etc. – it’s your session so it’s whatever you want it to be. 

Distance healing sessions can be scheduled for:

  • 30 minute session  ($75)
  • 60 minute session  ($95)
  • 90 minute session  ($140)

Reiki on site:
* All first time clients require a 90 minute session.

  • 30 minute session ($80)
  • 60 minute session ($100)
  • 90 minute session ($150)

Before we start a distance session,  we will communicate via phone.   

Animal Reiki

If you are scheduling a session for your pet, please email us a picture of your beloved to use during their session. We call prior to their session, we will text you when their session is completed and will call you the following day to see how they are doing.
Reiki specifically designed to benefit your furry (or feathered or scaled) family member. I can assist all types of animals, either hands on or from a distance depending on comfort level. Available in person or remotely, approximately 15-60 minute sessions.

Distance healing sessions for household pets:


  • 15 minutes ($45)
  • 30 minutes ($80)​


  • 15 minutes ($45)
  • 30 minutes ($80)

Horses and other livestock:

  • 30 minutes ($80)
  • 60 minutes ($150)​

Reiki healing sessions for household pets at your location:
(Plus travel expenses for distances over 10 miles from zip codes: 30143, or 30540)

  • 15 minutes ($55)
  • 30 minutes ($90)​


  • 15 minutes ($55)
  • 30 minutes ($90)

Horses and other livestock:

  • 30 minutes ($90)
  • 60 minutes ($160)


  • People always ask when they should book another session. We always say, you will know. Reiki will guide you. If you are up against a specific, weighty challenge, deep past trauma or disease, we find Reiki to be most effective in several, successive days (2-3 treatments a week over a 3-4 week window or more.) Then treatments can be spread out further apart as healing continues and you feel your body begin to release and balance. Disease builds in the body over time, especially after lingering in our energetic bodies, sometimes over a lifetime! It can take time to clear out these old debilitating energies. And, if we live or work in draining environments, more frequent sessions are recommended to help to keep the energy flowing at a peak rate until we are able to address those places that drain us. Reiki is your guide, your friend and deeply loves you. You can trust its timing, wisdom, guidance and protection.
  • Please text, email, or call me with any questions or concerns.


Payment is due prior to all sessions. We take Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Google Pay. 


By scheduling any sessions with us you agree to the following: I understand that Reiki is a simple, gentle, no touch/light touch, or long-distance energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. I understand that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I understand that Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that all my clients (you) see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailments or emergency you (my client) may have. I understand that Reiki can complement any medical or psychological care you (my client) may be receiving. I also understand that the body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is often one of the most beneficial catalysts. I acknowledge that long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself. I understand that Reiki is being provided by my request. I agree to hold the practitioner of my sessions harmless and understand that my practitioner is not responsible for the outcome. Reiki is love, and peacefulness – never harmful. 


No information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent from the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18. Any case studies or stories shared will use different names to keep every clients privacy secure. My clients may choose to she information with other professionals to guide their care. this will be for my clients to decide. I can provide copies of my sessions to my clients, (upon request) and it will be up tp them to share their information with whomever they choose.

Pranic/Aura Cleansing – Healing

A healing approach that focuses on cleansing the aura (bio-electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body) by removing the negative energy that could affect the organs and their related chakras. This cleansing helps to achieve an inner stillness and thus allows ones self to communicate more with their inner-self. Your auric field can raise or lower your vibrational energies that are holding you back on your journey.

  • 60 minute session ($175)

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing energy work is specifically designed to clear and balance the chakras. Sessions target areas of particular concern or specific qualities you would like to balance, enhance, or minimize. Chakra balancing can be effective in letting go of blocks or patterns that are holding you back. Half hour session involves chakra cleansing and balancing only. Hour session includes chakra consultation, education, and is recommended for your first session. Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. When they become blocked we may become tired, uncentered, or feel stuck. Chakra balancing helps to clear the blocks from your chakras and realigns your energetic field, and helps you feel energized, balanced, and centered. 

Available in person or remotely.

  • 30 minute session ($90)
  • 60 minute session ($145)

Guided Meditation

Meditation is a useful practice to train awareness, find feelings of grounding and mindfulness, and bring clarity, calmness, and inner peace. With practice, meditation can enable you to return to this sense of peace at any time. A certified meditation guide will specifically design a meditation for your preferences or areas of concern, and guide you through the meditation. Recommended as an accompaniment for other services, but can be booked separately.

  • 30 minute session ($45)
  • 60 minute session ($90)


Clients that I see in person will have the option to choose from several calming scents including: lavender, eucalyptus, and a healing blend. These scents possess a deeply calming effect on the nervous system. I use only the purest, organic essential oils. I use purified, reverse osmosis water in my diffusers. 

  • $4.00 per 30 minute session
  • $8.00 per 60 minute session
  • $16.00 per 90 minute session
  • $20.00 per 120 minute session

Cord Cutting

This powerful intervention will help release any low vibrations of fear, anger, or anything that is no longer serving your higher good from the past/present. This will help allow you to feel lighter, have more clarity, and peace.

  • 60 minute session ($100.00)

​​Spiritual Counseling

Are you having a personal issue and find everything you’re doing to resolve it isn’t working? In spiritual counseling we’ll look at your issue from a higher, spiritual perspective to find new ways to heal yourself, and help you move forward! I come from a metaphysical background, and a typical session may include a meditation or visualization exercise, along with one on one counseling. You’ll come away with positive techniques to take home that will help you in your healing process. 

  • 60 minute session  ($100)

Life Coaching

As a life coach I can help you improve your life, help you feel better about your future, and help you make a plan to achieve your goals. As your life coach I will work with you to help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and make changes or shifts in your life — both transformative and modest changes alike. I, with my clients as a partner, knowing that the you have the answers to create the changes you seek. The role of a life coach isn’t to give advice or “tell the client what to do,” but instead to help the client uncover or reconnect with their strongest values and motivations, which will then help the client achieve the goals they set out to complete.

​A life coach is almost like a sculptor who can look at you and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies and skills, a life coach helps you define yourself and create the life you envision. Coaches help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you, and celebrate with you. Life coaches help you create a plan, detail action steps, and hold you accountable for following through. We use skills that include observing, listening deeply, asking empowering questions, challenging you, and motivating you.

Unlike therapists and counselors, coaches do not delve into the client’s past, (at least, not for long) or try to uncover any deep-seated psychological issues that might be impeding the client’s current progress. Life coaching is based on the principle that the client has the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve their goals. Everything is based on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward. A life coach can help guide you to living your best life. When this is incorporated with Reiki the benefits are inspiring.

The first session is a minimum of two hours. The first two hours is $400.00 with each additional hour at $200.00. You can continue without a monthly plan at the rate of $200.00 per hour. 

With our monthly plan – you have two options:
One meeting lasting two hours one day per week, every week. 
Two meetings lasting two hours two days per week, every week.


Payment is due prior to all scheduled meetings. The monthly meetings are paid at the beginning of each month for that month. We require a 24 hour notice to any changes in the schedule to reschedule. You have 30 days to use your session/sessions. If you do not use your session/sessions within the 30 days of the purchase date, you will forfeit any funds you have paid. All purchases are non-refundable, non-returnable, non- transferable and non-extendable. There are no refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Inner Light Therapy

Inner Light begins with chakra balancing to clear and balance your chakras, and then is followed by sending healing white light through your entire body to lift any energy blocks and revitalize every aspect of your body/mind/spirit. You’ll reach a deep state of relaxation that leaves you feeling renewed, rebalanced, and re-centered.

  • 60 minute session ($125)

Space Clearing/Cleansing/Smudging

Areas of your home, or your workplace can store negative energy. This can cause general feelings of discomfort without explanation. Space clearing resets the energy in these areas so that one can put positive energy back into their space. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt drained, ill or like you wanted to turn around and leave? What you are experiencing is the vibration of energy contained in their home, and for better or worse, it can be inviting or repulsive to all who enter. Clearing a home/workplace using Reiki can greatly improve the energetic quality in a home, and it can also transform the lives of its inhabitants over time.

Since Reiki is pure life force energy and can only be used for the purpose of healing, wellness and ‘good’ things, it is an excellent way to cleanse your home. This can best be done by a Master Reiki Practitioner who is accustomed to doing this type of energy clearing and space cleansing. Reiki has been used for centuries to help heal humans/animals and it has also been channeled to heal the energy of physical spaces, such as to create sacred – calm spaces. This helps in creating a healthy, safe, and peaceful space. It can help your space to attract better quality energy, therefore attracting better experiences, and help to make an overall improvement to lives in that space.

Having a Reiki Home Cleansing/Smudging can be as essential as a routine physical cleaning that you would normally do anyway. Just like sweeping away cobwebs and washing the floors, Reiki can sweep away energy debris and invite in higher frequencies that will keep your home energetically fresh and clean. Reiki for your home could greatly help improve the state of your life.


The Reiki practitioner will come to your home, apartment or place of business. The Reiki practitioner will schedule a time that works well for both of you, and will show up timely to perform the cleansing.


Ideally, you will clean the space to the best of your ability prior to the session. Move furniture around to get spaces you may not normally reach. You may want to throw away old items, broken items, or anything that you feel no longer serve you in a positive way. Doing this helps with moving the energy even before your session starts. However, if this is not possible for you, don’t worry, your place will still be energetically cleansed and you can get to the physical cleaning part a little later.

If you can, have an intention set for the session to be powerful, transforming, and have faith that the process will unfold as it should.  


The fees for the smudging/clearing/cleansing work is $250 per hour with a TWO hour minimum…if travel time is 20 minutes from 30143, or 30540. 

The fees are $300 to $550 per hour if travel time is more than 20 minutes with a TWO hour minimum.

If overnight stay is required due to distance traveled…the client will be informed of reservation accommodations obtained. The client will receive an itinerary, and accommodations are to be paid 48 hours prior to appointment.

The amount of time at the address will vary depending on the size of the home, or facility. 

We take Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Google Pay.



All property cleansing/smudging/clearing cancellations must take place no less than 48 hours prior to appointment. Otherwise, you must pay for the appointment in full. All payments are due prior to my arrival. You have 30 days to use your session/sessions. If you do not use your session/sessions within the 30 days of the purchase date, you will forfeit any funds you have paid. All purchases are non-refundable, non-returnable, non- transferable and non-extendable.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Just for today, I will not anger.

                                                                                               Just for today, I will not worry.

                                                                            Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings.

                                                                           Just for today, I will work with honesty and integrity.

                                                                                Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings.