About Us

Holy Fire lll Reiki Ryoho

My name is Tammy Vance-Eagleson. I am a Reiki Master practitioner, and teacher. I am a member of the International Association Of Reiki Professionals, and I am an affiliated member with the International Center For Reiki Training. I have worked with clients all over the world. I absolutely
love what I do. I feel so incredibly grateful to have the privilege to provide Reiki to others. I have provided Reiki to cancer patients, pre/post surgical patients, animals, expecting parents, infants, those on the autism spectrum, those with ADD/ADHD, those with OCD, those with dementia and their families, hospice patients, nursing home residents, those with depression, cancer patients, those with anxiety, caregivers, guardians, and so many more. It is such a joy to help bring a peaceful state of mind, and overall calming to others. The life challenges we all face can sometimes become overwhelming. It’s wonderful for me to help you to quiet your mind, and help you relax. I am here to help you, and help bring peace into your life.